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What can cause the electrode to split or break?

The electrodes used are a special alloy of tungsten and metal oxides. These electrodes have been specially designed for use in conjunction with Lampert fine welding equipment. The electrodes have […]

What are possible causes of black welds?

The protective gas flow rate is set too high:Make sure that the flow rate is set correctly. 2 – 3 liters/min are completely sufficient (this corresponds to approximately 0.4 bar)! […]

Silversmithing applications

Visit the home page of our “PUK Master” Jeffrey Herman and his new blog Here you will find a variety of applications from the silversmithing field.

Welding silver: what to consider?

Metals with high thermal conductivity are generally difficult to weld, but: The thermal conductivity of silver decreases as its temperature increases. This means that silver can be welded better when […]

When to solder, when to weld?

In principle, soldering – where usefully applicable – is usually considered the ideal joining technique in jewelry manufacturing. Nevertheless, there are a variety of applications in jewelry making and repair […]

Is argon toxic?

It is a noble gas and a natural component of air. Like all noble gases, it does not react: it cannot burn and is not toxic. Nevertheless, care should be […]

Can you weld aluminum?

Yes, you can weld aluminum. (For more information click here) A special aluminum mode is stored in the current Micro Arc Welder. With this mode, aluminum alloys suitable for welding […]

Can brass be welded?

In the current model a brass mode is stored, with this brass alloys with low zinc content can be welded well.

Which metals can be welded?

Basically, all precious metals and precious metal alloys of gold, silver, platinum and palladium can be welded. In addition, all metals can be welded that are also weldable by laser […]

Wie erlerne ich das PUK- oder MAW-Schweißen?

The technique of welding with Lampert welding equipment is easy to learn. Nevertheless, you should take a few hours to familiarize yourself with the device. The PUK, which is included […]

Microscope functionality

The microscope is equipped with an electronically controlled, DIN-certified eye protection filter. This ensures triple protection of the eyes: permanent protection against glare from UV and IR light and electronically […]

What does “welding” mean?

Workpieces are selectively melted and thus joined together. Ideally, filler metal always has the same melting temperature as the workpiece itself (in brazing, a brazing alloy is always used which […]

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