The Lampert Team

We are the inventor and manufacturer of the proven PUK fine welding technology.
Our company specializes in the design, manufacture and sales of micro-pulse welding equipment for use in jewelry manufacturing, dental and industrial applications. Dealers in over 60 countries distribute our products; customers in over 100 countries use the technology of PUK welding and appreciate its advantages for many years. Our company headquarters in Werneck houses the development, administration and production of our technology on more than 1500 m².


Managing Director

Ing. Dr. Martin Plöckinger

Managing Director Sales

Michael Ittensohn

Operations Manager

Jürgen Fuchs


Lampert Werktechnik GmbH
Ettlebener Strasse 27
97440 Werneck

Tel.+ 49 (0)9722 94 59 – 0
Fax + 49 (0)9722 94 59 – 100

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Lampert Werktechnik GmbH
Ettlebener street 27
97440 Werneck

Tel.+ 49 (0)9722 94 59 – 0
Fax + 49 (0)9722 94 59 – 100

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