The PUK electrodes WLa

All Lampert electrodes are much less polluting and non-radioactive compared to the thoriated electrodes often used in welding technology.

Our classic for PUK welding - the tungsten electrode WLa

  • Due to the good service life and also good ignition properties, we have been using tungsten electrodes for many years, which contain an increased proportion of lanthanum oxide (La2O3) in addition to various mixed oxides.
  • The electrodes are very universal and are very suitable for welding of non-alloy and high-alloy steels, titanium, nickel, copper, tin and precious metal alloys.
  • The electrodes WLa have proven themselves for PUK welding and are additionally characterized by a good price-performance ratio.

The electrodes "WLa" are available in four different diameters

  • The proven measurement for everyday tasks in jewelry manufacturing.
  • Especially suitable for small and medium welding power.

  • Universally applicable for fine work as well as for welding with higher power.

  • Especially suitable for welding with high power.
  • Lowest electrode resistance therefore greatest power transfer.
    (For size 0.8 mm the matching collet chuck part no. 100 157 is required)

  • Especially suitable for welding
    with the highest performance.
  • Lowest electrode resistance,
    therefore greatest power transmission
    with optimized electrode life.
    (For size 1.0 mm the matching collet chuck part no. 100 158 is required)


Here you can download additional information about our electrodes

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