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Lampert welding units enable TIG welding by means of individual, very short welding pulses. The pulse duration can be freely selected in small steps between 0.1 and 34 milliseconds.
In contrast to welding with a standing (permanent) arc, the heat development with a Lampert fine welding machine is significantly lower. Minimum material thicknesses of up to 0.1 mm, but also up to a maximum of several millimeters can be welded stably – depending on the selected parameters for pulse duration and current intensity.
The ability to work reliably in these low material thicknesses or in highly heat-sensitive areas, while also being able to carry out very fine and controlled welds on very large objects, are the major distinguishing features compared to classic TIG welding machines.
When welding, welding rods can be used at any time as joining and connecting material.
Here you can find more detailed information about the common welding processes.

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