Welding technology for industry

The Micro Arc Welder welding technology has been specially developed for industrial use and is characterized by particularly high performance potential and robustness even under continuous stress. From the repair workshop to development departments, prototype construction and even electronics laboratories – Lampert industrial welding systems are at home everywhere.technik

The Micro Arc Welder

The innovative welding technology for the industry. Designed from the ground up, the TIG pulse fine welder handles the toughest demands of development, design and production shops .

Schweißtechnik für die Industrie-Lampert-mikroskope

Eye protection systems

The Lampert eye protection systems are high-quality optical devices, optimally tailored to the respective welding task. Each optic is equipped with a certified eye protection system.


The accessories sector also reflects Lampert Werktechnik’s objective of making work processes as effective and pleasant as possible. The result, in addition to our innovative core products, are very useful helpers for your work.