• The PUK is a fine welding machine based on TIG welding technology.
  • It generates an arc, also called plasma, for a brief moment, which generates a spot weld.
  • The welding spots have diameters of approx. 0.2 – 3.7 mm.
  • An electrode made of tungsten is clamped in the handpiece of the PUK, and the arc is ignited from its tip.
  • Tungsten is the metal with the highest melting point (3422°C) – the electrode itself does not melt.
  • The handling of the PUK is very simple: Through a microscope equipped with an eye protection filter, one looks at the electrode and guides the workpieces to it by hand.
  • The welding spot is triggered automatically.
  • Power (%), pulse duration (ms) and various welding pulse curves can be set easily and clearly on the PUK

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