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The Lampert Micro TIG welders

Lampert welding systems have been the epitome of innovative Mico-Tig welding equipment for over 20 years.
The innovative TIG micro-pulse technology and the unique operator ergonomics make us, or rather our products, a strong partner in jewelry manufacturing, dental technology and for numerous industrial applications.
Since the challenges of joining metals in these industries differ greatly, we have bundled our many years of application experience into four different equipment lines that combine the optimal welding curves, precision, performance, accessories and equipment design for each area.

Arc micro-pulse welding (also known as WIG pulse welding, mini WIG welding or low-energy WIG welding) is an innovative process that enables precise and efficient welded joints with minimal heat input.


The PUK 6 welding system is optimally tailored to the requirements of the jewelry industry. Special presettings for jewelry alloys and optimum equipment components for machining the workpieces are a matter of course here.


The new PUK D6 welding system has been specially designed for working on dental restorations in dental laboratories. It contains optimally matched welding curves for all typical dental alloys as well as helpful additional functions and perfect operator ergonomics for dental welding tasks.


The Micro Arc Welder is Lampert’s most powerful and versatile welding system, designed specifically to meet the needs of laboratory, prototyping, development departments and industrial production environments.


To produce your model building project with the same welding technique as the original is the goal of the M280.
The possibility of being able to use various weldable brass or aluminum alloys
make our fine welding machine an all-rounder in
joining technology.

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