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PUK 6 from Lampert - the jewelry welder

A comparison with its predecessors, our jewelry welders, shows that 20 years of experience and passion in the development of precision welding machines have raised the properties of the PUK 6 to an unprecedented level.

The tool for every goldsmith or silversmith, for jewelers, watchmakers and many other …

Welding veneers, applying metal to edges and surfaces on jewelry and watches, similar to laser welding, fixing work, welding eyelets, sealing pores, making seams, welding precious metals including. silver as well as copper and bronze and all weldable alloys. The new jewelry welder PUK 6 can handle material thicknesses even below 0.2 mm.

The PUK 6 - the jewelry welder for goldsmiths and watchmakers

The facts of the PUK 6 jewelry welders at a glance

  • Redesigned display with improved resolution
  • Clear design language with timeless aesthetics as a visual highlight at every workplace
  • Noble, selected materials for highest demands on value and appearance

  • Up to 3.3 spot welds per second: up to 65% faster spot weld sequence
  • More homogeneous, smoother spot welds – excellent weld even with variable spot spacing
  • Higher heat input if required: Perfect results even with critical materials
  • The new PUK 6 jewelry welders can produce 50% finer spot welds in the lower power spectrum.
  • Minimum pulse duration now down to 0.1 ms: 67% shorter impulse duration in micro mode
Handpiece and electrode
  • 20% faster and thus more agile electrode lifting
  • Maximum electrode thickness now up to 1 mm
  • Up to 50 % longer service life of the electrode
    Average measured service life improvement in test setups, actual value depends on individual user profile
  • 70% higher display resolution with increased viewing angle under all environmental conditions
  • Faster operation and material selection (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper alloys, titanium and more) through direct control with one-hand joystick with turn-push-tilt function
  • Faster maximum spot weld sequence due to extended speed function – selectable in 3 levels
  • Refined micro mode with tighter gradation enables extended spectrum when welding at the lower power limit
  • New standby mode: Continuous availability with 85% lower energy consumption
Technical data
Current (TIG) min./max. 9 – 400 A
Pulse duration (TIG) min./max. 0.1 – 34 ms
Current (fixation welding) min./max. 80 – 700 A
Pulse duration (fixation welding) 1.5 ms
Welding speed up to 3 Hz
max. Loading time 0,8 s
Number of metal programs 11
Range display with recommended
Warning for excessive settings +
High frequency welding +
automatic gas pre-flow time +
Gas consumption approx. 2 l/min
Inert gas Argon > 99.9 %
e.g. Argon 4.6
Power consumption during welding 400 VA
Power consumption in float mode 7 W
Weight 9,5 kg
Der neue PUK 6 - Feinschweißgerät für Ihre Werkstatt - The new PUK 6 - Fine welding device for your workshop

Fields of application for jewelry welding

  • Goldsmith
  • Silversmith
  • Watchmaker
  • Watch manufacturer
  • Jewelry manufacturer
  • Art restorer
  • Welding nips
  • Set gemstones
  • Ring width change
  • Welding chain links
  • Welding ear studs
  • Repair bracelet
  • Repair watch strap
  • Weld spring washer
    and much more

Welding of

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Bronze
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Tin
  • Brass
  • Copper
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A goldsmith presents the PUK6 for jewelry welding

See here a short presentation of the new precision jewelry welder PUK 6 from Lampert by the goldsmith Christoph Straube from Nuremberg. He will explain the advantages and innovations of the new Lampert welding equipment to you in a clear manner – let yourself be surprised!

The original PUK fine welding system

Detailaufnahme des Schweißmikroskops SM 6 von Lampert mit eingespannten Schweißhanstück - detail view of the welding microscope SM 6 from Lampert with a mounted welding handpiece
Highest precision for watchmakers, goldsmiths and silversmiths
  • Exact positioning of the spot welds
  • Precise welds under the welding microscope
  • Welding of even the smallest material thicknesses
  • Superior welding properties
  • Reproducible and high-quality welding results at all times on all weldable materials
  • Simple and intuitive operation, ideal for jewelry manufacturers and art restorers
Das Feinschweißgerät PUK 6 für Goldschmiede, Silberschmiede, Uhrmacher zusammen mit dem Schweißmikroskop SM 6 - The fine welding device PUK 6 for goldsmiths, silversmiths, watchmaker together with the welding microscope SM 6
A fine welder always on the spot
  • Optimized welding curves for all common precious metals and alloys in jewelry production, for goldsmiths, for silversmiths or for watchmakers
  • Very low, controllable heat generation, comparable to that of laser welding
  • Higher maximum power and improved welding performance especially of highly conductive silver, copper and tin alloys due to the new speed function
  • Compact size – fits into any jewelry manufacturer’s workshop


Detailansicht des Augenschutzsystems vom Schweißmikroskop SM 6 von Lampert - detail view of the eye protection system of the welding microscope SM 6 from Lampert
Fast amortization of Lampert PUK jewelry welding systems
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Facilitate and save time during repairs and soldering of gold and silver and other precious metal alloys.
  • Low costs for consumables
  • Low consumption of argon
  • Maintenance free technology

All around the jewelry welder PUK 6

The functional principle of PUK welding is as simple as it is ingenious

When the electrode tip of the welding handpiece touches the workpiece, the Welding process automatic. At the point of contact, a melting of 0.3 to 3.0 mm diameter occurs under inert gas atmosphere (depending on material and setting).

In addition to precious metal alloys such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, this jewelry welder can also be used to weld many non-ferrous metals such as copper and tin alloys, as well as many steels, stainless steel and titanium alloys. You can see some examples in the application examples for the jewelry welder.

All alloys suitable for laser welding can also be welded with the PUK 6. The welding machine is particularly characterized by the fact that it can also weld in the immediate vicinity of sensitive gemstones without causing damage, making it ideal for goldsmiths and silversmiths.

Compact and variable TIG impulse jewelry welder

in which the mode of operation and range of applications are very close to laser welding. Stable welds can be made easily on workpieces as thin as 0.2 mm.

The PUK 6 precision welder opens up a wide range of applications in jewelry production: Constructions made from sheet metal or wire elements, fixation welds and repairs, filling defects, filling pores by applying welding wire, and much more can be realized with the PUK 6 – from the smallest repair to series production to the most extraordinary new creation.

The PUK technology from Lampert will inspire you - start with jewelry welding right away

1. get started immediately even for beginners
  • Intuitive operation almost without familiarization
  • Intelligent presettings mean that only 2 operating steps are required. Select metal group and work situation > Welding!
2. quality guarantees precision
  • Precision handpiece for precision welding
  • Solid quality and the best materials such as stainless steel and Teflon are a prerequisite for precision in manufacturing and reliability in use.
Detailaufnahme des Schweißmikroskops SM 6 von Lampert mit eingespannten Schweißhanstück - detail view of the welding microscope SM 6 from Lampert with a mounted welding handpiece
3. fatigue-free ergonomics
  • The handling of the components: Well thought-out details facilitate handling.
  • Ergonomic working: Individual adjustment of the working position and comfortable hand rests for low-fatigue work.

Accessories and special equipment for the PUK 6 -
the jewelry welder

Practical further system components and accessories, such as electrode grinding motor, flow controller or welding wires and many more are available according to your individual needs. Please also visit our Accessories page.

The PUK 6 - the jewelry welder for goldsmiths and watchmakers

The PUK 6 - practical examples from jewelry manufacturers

Can’t decide which Lampert welding machine is best for you? In our showroom you will find numerous customer testimonials from the day-to-day work of the jewelry makers, an extensive video library with application examples and a photo gallery with practical examples from our goldsmiths and silversmiths. Let us inspire you!

Scope of delivery of the PUK 6

The PUK 6 welding machine for jewelry manufacturers is supplied with the following accessories and contains all the necessary documentation
and instructions:

The PUK jewelry welder together with the selected welding microscope
Special electrodes incl. Diamond grinding wheel
Necessary connection clamps, gas hose and connection cable
Small welding course with short instructions, steel plates and some welding rod
Instruction manual

for the PUK6 - the jewelry welder

Here you can download additional information about our welding equipment

Interested in professional welding of silver?

Visit Jeffrey Herman’s great PUK blog!

Quality and safety first

Quality for your demand: We attach importance to the highest production and safety standards and guarantee the reliability of our welding equipment.

High quality connectors and professional screw and plug-in connections ensure durability and lasting safety in daily use.

Special electrodes without toxic components, with optimized ignition and welding properties

Practical and fast: plug-in nozzle and clamping nut for fast, tool-free changing of electrodes

Der neue PUK 6 - Feinschweißgerät für Ihre Werkstatt - The new PUK 6 - Fine welding device for your workshop

High quality workmanship in every detail and dustproof housing without fan and thus quiet and durable


Quality “Made in Germany”
The PUK welding equipment is developed and produced in Germany.


Quality from conviction
For the PUK welding equipment we provide 3 years warranty!


Each PUK welding system is manufactured according to the valid EN standards and is CE compliant.


In addition to CE compliance, our welding equipment also meets UKCA requirements for the UK.


Latest technology
Our long-standing cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences WÜ-SW vouches for innovation.


The official German ceritification authority for research and developent “Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage” (BSFZ) awards its seal exclusively to companies that are eligible to claim funding through the research allowance.

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