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The Lampert precision welding principle

The welding process with the Lampert fine welding machines is largely automatic, which makes the welding process very simple and reproducible.

Once the operator has made the basic settings for the metal type and welding situation on the welding machine, precision welding can begin.

The welding process for micropulse welding is started by lightly touching the workpiece with the electrode tip. The welding process itself takes place automatically and requires no further operator intervention.

Lampert’s precision welding technology delivers precise weld seams with maximum accuracy, minimal thermal stress on the workpiece and low deformation.

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Micropulse welding - how it works in detail

  • As soon as the electrode tip touches the welding point, a gas valve opens in the control unit and shielding gas flows out of the hand piece nozzle.
  • Immediately afterwards, the electrical pulse (arc) strikes automatically and the electrode partly withdraws into the hand piece.
  • With this, the electrical pulse (arc) is drawn back from the contact point, remains active for a preselected time and therefore generates a welding point of the desired intensity.
  • Once welding is complete, the flow of protective gas stops automatically.

The process can be interrupted at any time by interrupting the contact between the electrode tip and the workpiece. This prevents uncontrolled welding.

The micro TIG process requires special welding wires with a small diameter.

Working with individual welding pulses (no continuous arc) and a pre-adjusted time interval between these pulses prevents an overheating of the workpiece and results in precise and low-warpage work.

Lampert precision welding technology is used

Areas of application of the micro TIG process

The applications are many and varied: in addition to classic welding connections with and without lead wire, Lampert precision welding technology is also used for electrical contacting of sensitive electronics, metal application for repair purposes, restoration of wear and prototype construction of complex structures.

Applying metal to edges and surfaces and attaching decorations – micro-pulse welding is a valuable addition to gold and silversmiths’ processing methods.

The micro-tig process also delivers high-quality welded joints in the dental sector

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