Fine welding technology for dental laboratories

The PUK D6

The micro-pulse welder is compact and versatile, designed specifically for dental applications and materials. All tasks in the daily routine of a dental laboratory, which can otherwise only be carried out with a laser, can be done with this TIG welder. Get an idea of the different application possibilities in our application videos!

Facts and figures

  • Display with high color brilliance and transparent display of performance parameters
  • Clear design language with timeless aesthetics as a visual highlight at every workplace
  • Noble, selected materials for highest demands on value and appearance


  • 70% higher display resolution with increased viewing angle under all environmental conditions
  • Optimum welding curves for all commercially available dental alloys
  • Higher maximum power and improved welding performance - especially with highly conductive alloys - thanks to the new speed function
  • New standby function - fast restart, minimal energy consumption


  • Single-screen menu for intuitive and fast selection of the right performance parameters through direct control with one-hand joystick with turn-push-tilt function
  • Faster maximum spot weld sequence due to extended speed function - selectable in 3 levels
  • Refined micro mode with narrower gradation enables extended spectrum when welding at the lower power limit, e.g. in orthodontics
  • Newly designed, patented welding process control for avoiding faulty welds and learning PUK welding even faster

Technical data PUK D6

Current (TIG) min./max. 9 - 440 A
Pulse duration (TIG) min./max. 0.1 - 34 ms
Current (fixation welding) min./max. 80 - 700 A
Pulse duration (fusion welding) 1.5 ms
Welding speed up to 3 Hz
max. Loading time 0,8 s
Number of metal programs 10
Range display with recommended settings +
High frequency welding +
Automatic gas pre-flow time +
Gas consumption approx. 2 l/min
Inert gas Argon > 99.9 % e.g. Argon 4.6
Power consumption during welding 400 VA
Power consumption during idle operation 7 W
Weight 10,4 kg

Play Video

Video presentation of the new PUK D6

Watch a short presentation of the new PUK D6 by the goldsmith Christoph Straube from Nuremberg. He will clearly explain the advantages and innovations of the new generation of devices – let him surprise you!

PUK fine welding in dental laboratory

In use every day
Get results faster
  • “Blind operation” through one-hand operation: Concentration remains on the workpiece!
  • Even more powerful LED illumination in our new premium welding microscopes. More uniform illumination of the working area – more flexible use of the microscope: These microscopes can also be used as full-fledged working microscopes – not only for welding!
  • New: Setting of all functions, the parameters power, pulse duration and menu navigation with only one joystick rotary control
  • Individual device setup via the settings menu
  • Very low, controllable heat generation

Fast amortization
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Facilitation and time savings during repairs and soldering
  • Low costs for consumables
  • Low argon consumption
  • Maintenance free technology

At home in the dental lab: the new PUK D6

Fine welding instead of soldering

Strong and long-lasting heat exposure during conventional TIG welding or brazing with the flame is often undesirable or intolerable in dental technology. PUK welding in this case not only saves time, but also avoids unnecessary material consumption.

Biocompatibility for any dental prosthesis

PUK welding, unlike brazing, uses alloys of the same type and thus avoids any unnecessary mix of materials.
This ensures biocompatibility in both the fabrication and repair of dental restorations.

Compact and versatile

When precision, reliability and controllability are required, the PUK D6 is the first choice, making it the ideal complement to CAD/CAM design and additive processes as well as classic casting techniques.

Unique functionality

In addition to the classic TIG micro-pulse welding technique, the PUK D6 also offers the practical and proven retention welding function for fast and stable denture repairs or extensions.

Other features in the overview
The retention welding mode

  • Simple, time-saving and inexpensive procedure to produce stable retention pins in just a few seconds.
    (Ø 1.2 - 2 mm) to be welded onto existing workpieces - for repairs, extensions or new fabrications.
  • In a fraction of a second, an extremely stable connection is established by means of a special adapter - without any significant heat development on the workpiece.
  • No re-welding and no post-processing of the weld or its surroundings necessary. This allows model casting repairs or extensions to be completed much faster than with conventional techniques.

Automatic mode or foot switch

  • Help for safe work with difficult workpiece constructions
  • Simple activation: Press the foot switch for 3 seconds - blue symbol appears in the top right of the display - welding is now triggered by pressing the foot switch.

Fixing welding function

  • Very simple and efficient method of fixing workpieces for subsequent welding or soldering. E.g. for a fixation weld of a separated bridge on the working model or to fix wire and construction elements.
  • Joining of two metal parts at their point of contact by means of resistance welding - the parts can thus be "tacked" to each other for final joining by means of PUK welding, or to fix them for a soldering process.
  • especially suitable for machining metals with low electrical conductivity, e.g. stainless steel or titanium.


  • Possibility of welding material thicknesses even below 0.2 mm, e.g. for wires or orthodontic bands, in an even more controlled manner.

New speed function

  • A significantly faster welding cycle enables an even more continuous work flow.
  • Possibility to shape applied material as desired or also to greatly improve the welding properties of particularly heat-conductive dental alloys.

The operating concept of the new PUK D6

Optimized settings menu with the option of quickly calling up practical additional functions such as the refined micro mode, the retention welding mode or the fixation welding function.
Basic functions are selected in just a few steps in the device settings.

  • Intuitive, simple, ergonomic operation: select metal – select welding situation -…
  • Visualization of the optimum setting ranges for the selected welding task
  • Presets for all common materials
    such as for cobalt-chromium and high gold alloys,
    stainless steel, titanium and many more, as well as for typical welding situations.
  • Setting of the parameters power, pulse duration and menu navigation directly via the one-hand joystick
  • Easy to understand symbols with self-explanatory user interface
Accessories and optional equipment

Practical additional system components and accessories, such as electrode grinding motor, flow controller, or welding wires and much more.

is available according to your individual needs. Please also visit our Accessories page.

Scope of delivery

The PUK-D6 welding system is delivered with the following accessories and includes all necessary documentation
and instructions:

The PUK welding system with the selected welding microscope
1 set of special electrodes
Starter accessory set

Small "welding course" with short instructions, steel plates and some welding rod
Instruction manual

Quality and safety first

Quality for your demand: We place importance on the highest production and safety standards and guarantee the reliability of our products.

High-quality workmanship in every detail: noble, selected materials for the highest demands on value and appearance.

Special electrodes without toxic components, with optimized ignition and welding properties.

Ergonomic working: Individual adjustment of the working position and comfortable hand rests for low-fatigue work.

Single-screen display with high color brilliance and
transparent presentation of the performance parameters.

High quality connectors and professional screw and plug-in connections ensure durability and lasting safety in daily use.

One-hand joystick with turn-push-tilt function and simplified, intuitive menu navigation


Quality “Made in Germany”:
The PUK welding equipment is developed and produced in Germany.


Quality by conviction:
For the PUK welding equipment we provide 3 years warranty!


Each PUK welding system is manufactured according to the valid EN standards and is CE compliant.


In addition to CE compliance, our welding equipment also meets UKCA requirements for the UK


Latest technology:
Our long-standing cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences WÜ-SW vouches for innovation.