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Accessories for welding equipment

With extensive accessories for our welding equipment, you can master almost any challenge of fine welding and the maintenance and care of Lampert welding equipment.

Flow regulator

Item no. 100 600

Product information

  • PUK flow controller:
    An important prerequisite for reliable welds is the correct flow rate of the argon shielding gas.
  • With the PUK flow regulator, the precise setting of the recommended 2 liters per minute is simple, but above all: > reliable!
  • The flow controller is specially designed for the low gas flow rates in PUK welding.

Technical data

Gas Argon 4.6
Max. Inlet pressure 230 bar
Adjustment range 0 – 6 l/min
Weight 1,4 kg

Druckninderer Duchflussregler für das benötigte Schutzgas Argon - flow regulator for the necessary shielding gas argon

Electrode grinding motor

Item no. 100 858

Simple and fast grinding of the PUK electrodes

The grinding motor is a useful accessory for every PUK welding machine. The care of the electrode tips, which is important for very good welding results, is done in no time with the grinding motor.

Durable diamond grinding wheel

The diamond disc used has a long service life. Replacement washers are available as accessories if required and can be easily changed with the aid of the enclosed hexagonal wrench.

Simple and safe handling

To grind the electrode tips, the electrodes are held at a preset angle of 15° to the rotating diamond disc and rotated between the fingers. Guide holes are available in diameters of 0.5, 0.6, 0.8 and 1 mm. The diamond wheel is securely embedded in a sturdy aluminum housing so that only the face of the grinding surface is accessible.

Connection directly to the welder

The grinding motor can be mounted separately or on the combined connection socket of the welding unit – if a foot switch is already in operation there additionally with a T-connector (Art.No. 100 823). The motor is switched on with a button on the side of the housing.

Technical data

Idle speed 11000 rpm
Power consumption (12 V) max. 6 W
Dimensions (Ø x L) 34 x 76 mm
Weight approx. 200 g


Item no. 100 823

Product information

  • T-connector
    for PUK welding equipment
    for simultaneous connection of foot switch and electrode grinding motor or a welding microscope and the optics unit (LCD eye protection system).

Foot switch

Item no. 100 850

Product information

  • The practical addition for your PUK welder
    In contrast to automatic welding, each individual welding process can also be triggered with the foot switch. Thus, in difficult welding situations, accidental initiation of the weld can be avoided.
  • Users who are used to working with a foot switch do not have to change.

Nappa leather glove

Item no. 100 730/731/732*

Product information

  • Highest tactile sensitivity, finest goat nappa leather and a back of the hand made of knitted fabric ensure a very good fit and high wearing comfort.
  • Designed for use with PUK welding equipment, these
    gloves are designed for fine welding with low power settings. For welding with higher power settings, please use our standard TIG gloves.
  • *Available in size 7 (100 730), 8 (100 731), 9 (100 732)

Standard TIG glove

Item no. 100 735/736/737*

Product information

  • This standard TIG glove is made of very soft goat nappa leather and ensures a good feeling and high wearing comfort despite the best protection of the hands.
  • The glove is recommended for PUK welding with higher power.
  • *Available in size 8 (100 735), 9 (100 736), 10 (100 737)

Protective shield

Item no. 200 006

Product information

  • For mounting on the welding microscope
  • Extended face protection for welding with or without handpiece holding arm.

Universal cleaner for PUK welding equipment

Item no. 100 741

Product information

  • for the pretreatment of welding material
  • 150 ml metal spray can

Contact pliers

Item no. 100 500

Product information

  • The flat peaked pliers are suitable for holding and safely contacting small parts.
  • The pliers are nickel plated for optimum conductivity.

Flexible contact strip

Item no. 100 695

Product information

  • The flexible contact strip is very suitable for contacting workpieces where the normal clamp cannot be used, or for very delicate as well as polished parts.
  • Length 100 cm

Raw cable

Item no. 100 696

Product information

  • The raw cable for the production of individual contacting tools
  • Length 100 cm
  • We cover the finishing of individual contact tools in our workshop no. 23, which you can also download from our workshop archive.

Fixation welding set PUK 4.1 / PUK 5 / PUK 6 / PUK D6

Item no. 100 845

Product information

  • The fusion welding set is required to use the “fusion welding” function.
  • The set consists of foot switch and blue connection cable 100 cm with contact terminal.

Argon nozzle 4 mm

Item no. 100 150-4

Product information

  • This inert gas nozzle with Ø 4 mm nominal diameter has a nozzle opening 1.0 mm larger than the 3 mm standard nozzle.
  • This nozzle is particularly advantageous when welding on edges or very filigree structures, as the wider gas flow better encloses such structures.

Handpiece tray

Item no. 100 112

Product information

  • The handpiece tray is made of heavy solid rubber and ensures safe storage of the handpiece.


Item no. 200 217

Product information

  • The headrest for PUK welding microscopes enables relaxed and fatigue-free work with the welding microscope.
  • Especially during longer welding tasks, the headrest helps to maintain concentration on the workpiece.

Item no. 200 219
Natural felt replacement cushion

Display protection film

Item no. 100 145

Product information

  • Display protection film
    exact fit for the PUK 5 display.

Microscope eyepieces 15x

Item no. 200 111

Product information

  • For the greatest precision in welding with PUK welding equipment.
    The microscope eyepieces with 15x magnification are particularly recommended for very fine welding work where maximum precision is required. The eyepieces fit all Lampert welding microscopes and can be easily exchanged in just a few steps.

Technical data

Magnification 15x
Field of view 13 mm
Packaging unit 2

Transport case

Item no. 104 101 (for PUK 6)
Item no. 104 102 (for Micro Arc Welder)

Product information

  • Our new transport case: The smart solution for safe transport
    or for protected storage of your PUK 6 or Micro Arc Welder
  • High quality plastics tray with rubberized carrying handle
  • Custom-fit foam inserts for welder, handpiece, cable, grinding motor and accessories
  • Additional storage box for other small parts such as electrodes, collets, welding wires …

Tranportkoffer - PUK, Micro Arc Welder - transport case
Downloads for PUK welding equipment

Here you can download additional information about our accessories for welding equipment, spare and wear parts


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