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  • The protective gas flow rate is set too high:
    Make sure that the flow rate is set correctly. 2 – 3 liters/min are completely sufficient (this corresponds to approximately 0.4 bar)!

  • The electrode is clamped too long:
    The shorter the electrode protrudes from the handpiece, the better the protection provided by the argon.

  • Wrong shielding gas, insufficient quality:
    We recommend pure argon (Ar 4.6), with a purity of at least 99.996%, without additives.

  • There is dirt on the workpiece:
    Any type of dirt, polishing compound, paint, electroplated coating, etc. will burn off during welding and often leave behind large amounts of soot. Clean the workpiece thoroughly before welding.

  • The alloy of the workpiece is contaminated:
    If the metal of the workpiece has inclusions or the alloy contains metals that burn at low temperatures (zinc, lead, tin, etc.), this may cause sooting.

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