Micro Arc Welder eye protection for industrial applications

We know that eye protection requirements vary depending on the difficulty and environmental conditions of the welding work. That is why we have a wide range of different eye protection systems and welding microscopes on offer for the Micro Arc Welder.


Precisionmaxx welding helmet

Art. No. 200 301

Mobile welding has never been so easy. The Precisionmaxx welding helmet is the perfect eye protection for the Micro Arc Welder in any work environment. The perfect complement to our stationary eye protection systems for flexible working.

Bluetooth connection with the welder for optimal darkening of the field of view. Perfect ergonomics even during longer welding work due to the isoFit® system. Additionally, it can also be used with any conventional welding machine.

Scope of delivery:

  • Safety helmet Precisionmaxx
  • USB charging cable
  • Replacement visor outside
  • isoFit® replacement cushion inside
  • Storage bag
  • Instruction manual

  • Wireless pairing via Bluetooth®
  • Optimum darkening before every single elctric arc due to signal-controlled shutter
  • Magnification up to 1.68x by replacing the inner screen (optional)
  • Ready for use also with conventional TIG welders by switching to sensor automatic mode

  • Innovative sleek shape with robust and high-quality materials
  • Large field of vision from shutter with nose cutout close to your eyes
  • No shutter fog-up - clear separation of visual section and breathing section
  • Perfect accuracy of fit with Optrel IsoFit® Headgear

  • Designed for Micro Arc Welder welding systems
  • Plug & Play ready by connecting the USB dongle
  • Compatible with Optrel e3000X and SwissAir blower respiratory protection systems


SMG articulated arm welding microscope

Art. No. 200 224

Articulated arm, can be rotated and swiveled in all directions, making it particularly ergonomic to work with. For easy mounting on a workbench e.g. with 3 screws (not included).

Provides even more flexibility at the workplace, e.g. when welding very large objects. Better use of space where space is limited.

Easy operation by the fixing knob. This microscope can also be used as a working or viewing microscope at any time.

Magnification 10 x
Field of view diameter 20 mm
Working distance 145 mm
Diopter adjustment +
Lighting LED 3 W / 800 mA
Reach 550 mm
Height and tilt adjustment +
Weight 5,1 kg

Actively controlled LCD eye protection system +
Brightness level of the LCD DIN 3
Dark level of the LCD DIN 11
Switching time < 50 ms
UV protection > UV11
IR protection > IR11

SMM - Articulated arm welding microscope with magnetic base
Art. No. 200 225

The SMM brings all the features of the SMG and combines them with a convenient magnetic base. This allows the SMM with its articulated arm to be perfectly attached to magnetic surfaces and positioned and aligned almost anywhere above the workpiece.


SM 6 Welding microscope

Art. No. 200 226

Only optimal visibility with real safety for the operator’s health leads to good welding results.


Unlike simple mechanical protection systems, the SM6 welding microscope is equipped with an LCD welding eye protection system specially developed and certified for Lampert. This eye protection system has decisive advantages for your safety.

For one thing, the field of vision is not completely darkened during welding, which results in less eye fatigue.

On the other hand, the Lampert system permanently protects against the dangerous radiation (UV and IR) generated during welding.

Even in case of a possible malfunction, there is safety for the welder’s eyes!


Especially for regular or prolonged welding, good ergonomics of the welding microscope is very important.

The SM6 welding microscope can be optimally adjusted to the operator and additionally ensures relaxed and low-fatigue work thanks to comfortable hand rests.

Each welding microscope is prepared for the attachment of an optionally available headrest, which makes even longer work comfortable.

Optical quality

The optics of the SM6 welding microscopes excel where it really makes sense.

After 12 years of development, we are still convinced that there are two essential requirements for the optics of a welding microscope. A fixed 10x magnification and a large 20mm diameter field of view.

In other words, as few mechanical components or functions as possible that could be damaged by the vibrations generated during welding.

Here, too, quality and durability are our top priorities.

LED illumination integrated into the housing of the eye protection system

The SM6 becomes a working microscope in no time at all, simply by swinging the handpiece holding arm away from the field of view.

Magnification 10 x
Field of view diameter 20 mm
Working distance 145 mm
Diopter adjustment +
Lighting LED 3 W / 800 mA
Ergonomic hand rests +
Height and tilt adjustment +
Weight 3,6 kg

Actively controlled LCD eye protection system +
Brightness level of the LCD DIN 3
Darkness level of the LCD DIN 11
Switching time < 50 ms
UV protection > UV11
IR protection > IR11

Micro Arc Welder Eye Protection - Downloads

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