Can you weld aluminum?

A special aluminum mode is stored in the current PUK model. With this mode, aluminum alloys suitable for welding can be welded particularly well by feeding welding wire. It is […]

Can brass be welded?

In the current model a brass mode is stored, with this brass alloys with low zinc content can be welded well.

Which metals can be welded?

Basically, all precious metals and precious metal alloys of gold, silver, platinum and palladium can be welded. In addition, all metals can be welded that are also weldable by laser […]

How do I learn PUK welding?

The technique of PUK welding is easy to learn. Nevertheless, you should take a few hours to familiarize yourself with the device. The PUK course, which is included in the […]

Microscope functionality

The microscope is equipped with an electronically controlled, DIN-certified eye protection filter. This ensures triple protection of the eyes: permanent protection against glare from UV and IR light and electronically […]

What does “welding” mean?

Workpieces are selectively melted and thus joined together. Ideally, filler metal always has the same melting temperature as the workpiece itself (in brazing, a brazing alloy is always used which […]

The PUK principle

The PUK is a fine welding machine based on TIG welding technology. It generates an arc, also called plasma, for a brief moment, which generates a spot weld. The welding […]