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iF product design award 2008

PUK 3 stands not only for quality but also for unique design. Parallel to the development of the "PUK 3" precision welding devices our team also worked on a high-quality design. Their goal, an exterior that would reflect the “inner qualities” of the product.
These efforts have been honoured with a very special award. The "PUK 3 professional" has been commended with the international design prize "iF product design award 2008" 


Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany 2009

The PUK 3 professional has been nominated by the German Design Council and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for this remarkable award.

AJM – AWARD "Product of the Year"

The bestseller of the PUK-precision welding devices, the "PUK 2" was selected in 2004 by the American jewellery industry as the "Product of the Year" and was distinguished with the "AJM – Award for Innovation".

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