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Flow regulator

Item number 100 600

  • The PUK flow regulator:
    An important prerequisite for dependable welding results is the correct flow rate of argon gas.
  • The PUK flow regulator enables the exact setting of the recommended 2 litres per minute flow rate. It‘s precise and it‘s easy but above all, it’s reliable!
  • The flow regulator is specially designed for the low gas flow rates used in PUK welding.

Technical data

Max. Inlet pressure
Adjustment range
 Argon 4.6
230 bar
0 - 6 litres/min
1.4 kg


Electrode grinding motor

Item no. 100 856

Technical data

Idle speed
Power consumption (12 V)
Dimensions (Ø x L)
11 000
6 W
28 x 70 mm
140 g


  • Simple and rapid grinding of the PUK electrodes:
    The grinding motor is a useful accessory for every PUK welding device. Care of the electrode tips, which is vital to very good welding results, is carried out by the grinding motor in the blink of an eye.
  • Durable diamond grinding disc
    The diamond disc used has a very long service life. Replacement discs are available as accessories and can be changed with ease with the aid of the Allen key provided.
  • Simple and safe to use
    When grinding the electrode tips the electrodes are held on the rotating diamond disc at a flat angle (approx. 15°) and turned between the fingers. It is also possible to grind multiple electrodes simultaneously. The diamond disc is securely embedded in a stable aluminium housing, so that only the front of the grinding surface is accessible.
  • Connection to the mains supply
    Equipped with a multi-volt power supply for 110 to 230 V mains power and a practical push-button directly on the motor.

Foot pedal

Item no. 100 850

  • The useful addition for your PUK
    As an alternative to the automated welding process, each weld can be triggered individually using the foot pedal. This can be a big help when only a minimum of working space is available.
  • For the goldsmith who is used to working with a foot pedal and prefers to work this way.

Napa leather glove

Item no. 100 73x*

  • Highest touch sensitivity due to the finest goat Napa leather, back of the hand is made of breathable cotton / polyester knitted fabric and ensures a very good fit and high wearing comfort.
  • The glove is designed for fine, low-powered PUK welds. For rougher work or welding with higher power, please use standard TIG gloves.
  • 1 pair
  • *Available in sizes 7, 8, 9

Standard TIG glove

Item no. 100 73x*

  • This standard TIG glove is made of very soft goat Napa leather and guarantees a good feeling and high wearing comfort despite the best hand protection.
  • The glove is recommended for PUK-welding with higher power.
  • 1 pair
  • *Available in sizes 8, 9, 10

Protective shield

Item no. 200 006

  • For mounting on the welding microscope.
  • Extended face protection for free-hand welding with and without handpiece holding arm.

All-purpose cleaner

Item no. 100 741

  • For pretreatment of welding material
  • 150 ml metal spray can

Contact pliers

Item no. 100 500

  • The flat pointed pliers are suitable for holding and securely contacting small parts.
  • The pliers are galvanically nickelled to achieve optimal conductivity.

Flexible contact strip

Item no. 100 695

  • The flexible contact strip is extremely suited to contacting workpieces on which the normal terminal cannot be used. Or for very sensitive parts and polished parts.
  • Length 100 cm

Raw cable

Item no. 100 696

  • Raw cable for creating contacting tools.
  • Length 100 cm
  • We deal with finishing individual contact tools in our workshop #23, which you can also download from our workshop archive.

Tack welding set PUK 4.1 / PUK 5

Item no. 100 845

  • You need the tack welding set to use the "tack welding" function.
  • The set consists of a foot switch and the blue 150 cm connecting cable with terminal.


Item no. 100 823

  • T-connector to simultaneously connect the welding microscope and the magnifying lens.

Argon nozzle Ø 4 mm

Item no. 100 150-4

  • This inert gas nozzle with 4 mm nominal diameter has a 1.0 mm larger nozzle outlet than the standard 3 mm nozzle.
  • This nozzle is particularly advantageous when welding edges or very delicate structures, because the wider gas flow encloses such structures more completely.

Hand piece storage unit

Item no. 100 112

  • The hand piece storage unit is made of heavy-duty solid rubber and ensures safe storage of the hand piece.


Item no. 200 217

  • The headrest for PUK welding microscopes enables relaxed, fatigue-free work with the welding microscope.
  • Especially during longer welding tasks, the headrest helps you maintain concentration on the workpiece.


Item no. 200 219

Replacement cushion made of natural felt

Screen protector

Item no. 100 145

  • Screen protector accurately fitting the PUK 5 display.

Third Hand "Assistant"

Item no. 300 811 (consisting of items 100 300 and 300 812)

  • Excellent help for difficult welding situations such as ring sizing, fine repairs etc.

Microscope oculars for 15x magnification

Item no. 200 111


  • For maximum precision when welding.
    The microscope oculars with 15x magnification are particularly recommended for fine welding work, which demands an even higher degree of precision. The oculars fit all welding microscopes from Lampert and can be exchanged with ease, in just a few steps.

Technical Data

Field of view
Packaging unit
13 mm




Here you can find additional information on our accessories and spare and wear parts available for download


André Rasguljajew

Designer – Goldsmith
Kaufering, Germany

Working with the PUK is just a lot of fun!




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As my brother and me started our own business, the PUK 5 was our first purchase along with two workbenches. We both had very good experience with the PUK 2 and PUK 04 and therefore knew that this wonderful device would become indispensable for us.


The PUK can be summarized in one sentence: "easy to learn and hard to master". Anyone could tack weld and joint parts after a few minutes. But the incredibly diverse possible field of application arises over the time and growing experience. Due to the very well calibrated default settings that the PUK 5 comes with, you can take countless challenges directly. With the experience at what angle, from what side and with which setting the respective welds work best, the joints are getting cleaner.


We work with the welder every day and the results are impressive and yet we have the feeling that we have not yet exhausted the "PUK potential".

Ramon Zollner

R/C model design & Maker
Perth, Western Australia

With the PUK I brought building custom made radio-controlled construction models to the next level!


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With the PUK I brought building custom made radio-controlled construction models to the next level!

I am a perfectionist and I try to build my radio-controlled construction models to the highest quality and detail. I was looking for a device that can actually allow me to achieve this goal. Previously I was not able to work with steel or stainless steel, and because of the fine detail and precision work I was not able to weld with a normal TIG welder. I was recommended by a mate of mine who saw a demonstration of the PUK welder at an expo. I contacted LAMPERT, explained situation and they advised me the exact equipment I needed. Early 2017 I purchased the M200 which was shipped to Australia. LAMPERT guided me in the initial stages via Skype support how to use the machine. This was very clear and now after almost 3 years of use I cannot do without it. The amount of precision and welding size exactly replicates the scale and strength needed for my models. I am now able to work with various materials and stainless steel is my favorite. I highly recommend this machine to any serious and professional model builder.

Tony E. Ouzounian

OUZOUNIAN Jewellery Manufacturers, Beirut, Lebanon
Instagram: ouzounian.jewellery

PUK 111 is an excellent welding device we rely on since 2002...



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Since 2002 we are still using Lampert’s excellent primary model of fine welding devices (PUK 111) in our local jewellery manufacturing by at least 10 professional goldsmiths on a daily basis.

Dean Irvine

Artisan Jeweller
West Kempsey, Australia

Lampert PUK a must for every Jeweller




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Lampert PUK a must for every Jeweller


I invested in a PUK 5 welder and was able to obtain a pay back within 6 Months. The PUK enables me to do additional repair and restoration of jewellery over traditional flame soldering methods through less heat dispersion, pinpoint control and seamless joints. I selected the PUK 5 over other welders for its quality, support service, no maintenance requirements and end welding results.

Gregory J. Lafford

Ballyfin, Ireland

The PUK proves itself invaluable – no matter the metal or alloy.



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I have used various models of the PUK over the past 15 years and currently have a PUK5 at my bench. I have yet to find a more versatile machine for a jeweller’s workshop. Only imagination limits application where the PUK is involved. Whether its mounting, repair work, stone setting, engraving, or otherwise, the PUK proves itself invaluable – no matter the metal or alloy.


Sceptical? Drop by my workshop and see for yourself.

Min-Ling Hsieh

Taipei, Taiwan

I must say that nowadays working without PUK is unthinkable for me!



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I made first experience with a PUK back in 2003 in State Drawing Academy Hanau. It was the PUK111 and I instantly fell in love with it.

With PUK’s help I can realize any of my ideas. It makes welding of different metals and combining them with different materials a lot easier. Especially since I often use very thin metal sheets and wires, the PUK is the perfect tool for me.

I had different PUK models in my workshop already – the PUK 3s, PUK 04 and now the PUK5 – and every new model has offered an increased accuracy and improved welding results.

That is why the PUK has become one of the most important pieces of equipment in my workshop.

I must say that nowadays working without PUK is unthinkable for me!

Luca Cristino

Germagnano, Italy

I think every goldsmith workshop needs a PUK to speed up the jewellery repairs and production.



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You may take anything but my PUK from me!!!

I use it for everything made of gold, silver, steel, titanium and platinum.
I work easily on claws without having to remove the stones before.

The PUK is perfect for fixing the parts prior to soldering, for different micro repairs and also allows me to work on watches (crowns, shafts, gears and bracelets).

My PUK is a PUK3s professional plus and since I bought it, it paid for itself within the first six months already.

I think every goldsmith workshop needs a PUK to speed up the jewellery repairs and production.

Mark Sansom

Birmingham, United Kingdom

I regard the PUK as an essential tool for manufacturing and repairing jewellery and can't imagine working without it.


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Doing jewellery repairs, the ability to add small areas of metal is vital and was missing for the first 25 years of my time as a jeweller.
Then I heard about the welders that were becoming available so I bought a Lampert PUK3S and several years later I am still using it for most of the repairs that I do.
It paid for itself in the first year because it saves me so much time.
It opens up new possibilities such as repairing bracelets without having to refinish them all over, retipping stones like emeralds without removing them, tacking things together before soldering, repairing porosity etc. In most cases it's faster and cleaner than soldering.

I regard it as an essential tool for manufacturing and repairing jewellery and can't imagine working without it.

Lee Molseed

Kingsbridge/Devon, United Kingdom

The PUK has saved me so much more time allowing me to do more work in a day improving productivity. No goldsmith should be without one.


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I have been a goldsmith for 10 years now.
I was taught the old fashion way by a master craftsman from the Birmingham jewellery quarter
Now with this fantastic new PUK I have moved away from using a naked flame and I mainly use my PUK for most of my repairs, its faster, cleaner and when working on some delicate stones such as opal or emerald, the repair is always safe.
It has also saved me so much more time allowing me to do more work in a day improving productivity.
No goldsmith should be without one.

Gabby Williamson

Dental Technician, Toowoomba (QLD), Australia

Orthodontic soldering is now a thing of the past. The possibilities are endless with the PUK D2 TIG welder, many jobs were not possible when I was limited to soldering.

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Orthodontic soldering is now a thing of the past. TIG welding is far superior in every way. The possibilities are endless with the PUK D2 TIG welder. Preparation is minimal and joins are stronger and smoother than soldering.


Since I have been using the PUK D2 I have not had any appliance breakages. Many jobs were not possible when I was limited to soldering. Now I can add small attachments to my appliances with little distortion from overheating. Intricate designs are easily and quickly added to any job with minimal preparation. Almost no finishing and polishing is needed saving much time and money. Working under the microscope makes welding much more precise.


Not only is this PUK D2 excellent, the Lampert ambassadors are also very helpful. I had many conversations with them and they were more than happy to help. They always urged me to keep in touch as they want everyone to appreciate this machine as much as they do.

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