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Company history

From 2001 until today


In November 2001, Harald Lampert founded the company. His idea is supported in the phase of product development and market introduction by the Central Association of German Industry under the "INSTI project".


The first fine welding machine type "PUK 111" is being presented at the 2002 international trade fair "Inhorgenta" in Munich.

Experts are convinced by the machine, because the new welding method can significantly simplify and accelerate processes in jewelery manufacturing. First contacts with national and international retailers are made.


The development of an own production structure and participation in fairs in Basel / Switzerland and Vicenza / Italy follow. Already in the year of the company's foundation, Lampert Werktechnik supplies machines to dealers in twelve European countries.

Demand is increasing sharply, so that the production is expanded and the development of the product is promoted.


2003 "Lampert Tools Inc." is foundend in the USA. In Chicago destribution for North America as well as a store and a workshop were established.



In 2004, the company presents the second generation, „PUK 2“. The American jewellery industry chooses the PUK2 machine as the "Product of the Year 2004" and distinguishes it with the "AJM – Award for Innovation".


Parallel to the commitment in the jewelry industry, the entry into the dental market is made. In 2003, the company introduces the fine welder "Phaser mx1" for work on dentures. At the "IDS 2003", the fine welding machine convinces as an alternative to laser welding technology.


From 2004 to 2006, the company focuses on the expansion of sales. Production, warehouse and office space will be housed in the newly constructed office building.





In 2007, the circle of users is being extended with the third generation of precision welding equipment, the "PUK 3" - the evaluation of this product through international awards such as the "iF Product Design Award 2008" and the nomination for the "German Design Award" ("PUK 3") show, that functionality, quality and design "Made in Germany" achieve top marks.



With the "DENTA PUK", a device for the dental market is developed in 2008, in the now own dental department. Under the brand name "Lampert", the new PUK fine welding device achieves well-deserved recognition in Germany in 2010. In the same year of development, the company is presenting an industrial version of the PUK welders: the "PUK U3".




Also in 2010, there is a product update to the PUK 3, the PUK 3s.

One of its new features is the introduction of, with high-frequency oscillations superimposed welding impulses that increase the weld quality significantly, especially of silver alloys.



The year 2012 is marked by the 10-year anniversary of the PUK fine welding equipment as well as the 10th anniversary of the company Lampert.


Exactly 10 years after the introduction of the PUK111 at the Inhorgenta in Munich in 2002, Lampert is presenting the newly developed fine welder PUK04 during the Inhorgenta 2012. The new machine is a further milestone in the development of PUK welding. The PUK04 is characterized by many technical improvements, new features and a modern, intuitive operating concept.



The PUK U4 that builds on the technology of the PUK 04 released the year after.

Also in 2013 at the IDS Cologne, the PUK D2 is revealed, which therefore completes the 4th generation of the PUK fine welding devices.






In 2014 the PUK04 is upgraded with several new functions such as tack welding mode - the PUK 4.1 is born.




During the jewellery fair Vicenzaoro + T-Gold 2016 in Vicenza, Italy Lampert Werktechnik presents a completely new designed fine welding device: the PUK5.

Its patent-pending system for welding process monitoring is absolutely innovative.




2017 witnessed the appearance of the PUK U5, successor to the highly versatile industrial welding equipment PUK U4.

In the same year, during the International Dental Show in Cologne, Lampert Werktechnik presented the logical further development of the tried and tested PUK D2 – the PUK D3.


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