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Los electrodos PUK "WLa"


En comparación con los electrodos toriados frecuentemente empleados en la técnica de soldadura, todos los electrodos de Lampert son considerablemente menos dañinos para el medio ambiente y no radiactivos.

Nuestro "Clásico" para la soldadura PUK: el electrodo de tungsteno "WLa"

  • Debido a los satisfactorios períodos de duración y a sus igualmente buenas propiedades de ignición, desde hace muchos años empleamos electrodos de tungsteno, los cuales, además de distintos óxidos mixtos, también contienen una elevada proporción de óxido de lantano (La2O3).
  • Los electrodos pueden tener un uso ampliamente universal y resultan idóneos para soldaduras de aceros altamente aleados y no aleados, y de aleaciones de titanio, níquel, cobre, estaño y de metales nobles.
  • Estos electrodos "WLa" han demostrado su eficacia para la soldadura PUK y destacan además por su buena relación calidad-precio.

Los electrodos "WLa" están disponibles en tres diámetros diferentes:

Ø 0,5mm x 50mm –  N° 100 410


  • La medida establecida para tareas cotidianas en la producción de joyas.
  • Especialmente adecuado para una potencia de soldadura de baja a media.

Ø 0,6mm x 50mm  –  N° 100 411


  • Utilizable universalmente para trabajos finos y para soldaduras de mayor potencia.

Ø 0,8mm x 50mm  –  N° 100 413


  • Especialmente adecuado para soldaduras de gran potencia.
  • Mínima resistencia de electrodos, y de ahí su transferencia de potencia máxima.
    (Para el tamaño de 0,8 mm se requiere una pinza portapieza adecuada Nº 100 157)


Aquí encontrará información adicional para descargar sobre nuestros equipos de soldadura


Kevin Paul

Watchcase restorations
Vienna, Austria

I can recommend the PUK without any doubts!




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For my watchcase restorations I use the PUK on a daily base. It makes my day so much easier due to its quick and easy accessibility. I can recommend it without any doubts!


Steffen Dülk

Master Goldsmith / Münsterschwarzach Abbey
Vier Türme GmbH Gold- und Silberschmiede

Our entire team benefits from the PUK04 and its versatile fields of application.



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We have to carry out a broad variety of works in our goldsmith’s workshop of the abbey. From filigree engagement rings made from platinum to rather big sacral utensils made from silver or tombac. That’s why our entire team benefits from the PUK04 and its versatile fields of application. It is extremely helpful for us for goldsmith’s productions, repairs or for the manufacture of new decorations for churches.



Studio Loubser

Bespoke Jewellers / South Africa

Our PUK welder has become an integral part of our workshop ... We are able to work accurately and effeciently, avoiding time-consuming manufacturing and repair processes.

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Our PUK welder has become an integral part of our workshop, there is no repair challenge that we cannot face with confidence.


The PUK welder allows for small scale precision work, focussing heat in specific areas, allowing to weld close to gemstones and pearls. The concentrated generation of heat enables us to hold the pieces by hand whilst soldering. We are able to work accurately and efficiently, avoiding time-consuming manufacturing and repair processes. We even use the PUK welder for our pre-positioning of claws before soldering on complex pieces occasionally.


The small scale and snazzy appearance of the welder blends into our workshop with ease.


It is however, worth mentioning that the PUK welder is a skill that has to be learnt, you have to spend time becoming accustomed to using the machine, in order to use it to its maximum capacity.


Practice makes perfect.



Lev Shneiderman

Metal artist / Israel

This tool is a real asset to any artist's workshop!




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As a veteran metal artist specializing in both traditional and modern technics, I see the Lampert PUK 5 as an essential tool for my studio. The PUK 5 enabled me to significantly upgrade my manufacturing process and provide more freedom with my art designs. The PUK 5 shortens the time it takes to build a construction. It allows handling seams and soldering more effectively and in a shorter time.


This tool is a real asset to any artist's workshop!



Arkadiy Chernikov

New Westminster, Canada

I consider this micro welding machine to be one of my best tool investments.



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I have purchased a PUK five years ago to expand my TIG welding to micro level, and never regret for that. Reliability, super easy to start, fast learning curve and lots of hidden capabilities for custom programming – that's exactly what I was looking for. Besides, I would add reasonbable argon consumption and ability for micro spot-welding. 

Maintenance is minimal: just re-fill the argon bottle and have your tungsten clean and sharp.


For readers in North America: Robert from Lampert Tools USA in Chicago provides unbelievable help with order, shipment and delivery, and after I got my machine he gave me free one-day course for micro welding basics. Further customer support and getting consumables is fast, friendly and professional. I consider this micro welding machine to be one of my best tool investments.

Michael Berger

Goldsmith and Kinetic

I can hardly imagine a work process without the PUK anymore.



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There’s really not one day going by in the workshop without the PUK. How quickly this device has made itself indispensable was astonishing - I can hardly imagine a work process without it anymore.


Jointing my kinetic works made of stainless steel has particularly become child’s play with the PUK and opened completely new ways of fabrication. No matter if it’s tiniest mechanical elements, sheet metal constructions with a thickness of only 0.3 millimeters or big room sized works, I apply the PUK everywhere and it gets the job done reliably and with a high standard.


The PUK - a tool that I’ve grown fond of and that I want to warmly recommend to all colleagues.



Esther Heite

product & jewelry design

I include the PUK in the design process. Yes, it shapes my design to a certain degree.



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For me the PUK has become an inherent part not only in the workshop and for solving problems, I include it in the design process. Yes, it shapes my design to a certain degree. 


From the failed attempt to hide welding spots in order to achieve invisible connections emerged the subversive intention to handle the connection spots as obviously as possible. A design idea came into existence that turns the welding spots into my main design feature and orchestrates them like little diamonds. I see that precision technology like Lampert’s spot welding device can - aside from the regular range of applications - produce a high aesthetic value. I want my jewelry to reflect that.


The PUK offers clean connections, precise working, new possibilities. It doesn’t just simplify; it paves new ways for jewelry design.



Daniel Imboden, DIM-TECH

Interdisciplinary artist
Ballwil, Switzerland

My expectations for the PUK U5+ were very high and were met all along the line.



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My expectations for the PUK U5+ were very high and were met all along the line. Working with the PUK U5+ is very simple and uncomplicated.


An artist carefully compiles his tools because he uses them to express his thoughts and ideas through his hands. The high expectations of yourself must also be placed on the tools. That is why I only work with professional tools and machines.

For the production of my kinetic solar sculptures I prefer to use round steel rods up to 4 mm and sheets up to 1 mm thick. In the past years I have tried many techniques to optimally combine these materials. I have already used some processes, such as TIG welding, brazing with hydrogen, spot welding or soft soldering. None of these connection techniques met my high standards.

One day I became aware of the PUK U5+ welding system from Lampert, which I had never seen before. The first-class technical support from the Lampert company was able to advise me "on point" what the possibilities of the PUK U5+ are.

My expectations for the PUK U5+ were very high. But these were met all along the line. Working with the PUK U5+ is very simple and uncomplicated. It feels like holding a thick pencil in your hand, easy to handle, safe and accurate.

I usually only rave about Swiss made machines. But I with pleasure took the PUK U5+ from Lampert, made in Germany, in my train of machines.

Jose Marin

Titanium goldsmith
Valencia, Spain

My favorite cocktail consists of:

PUK, argon and titanium!



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Working with PUK 2 since 2006.


My favorite cocktail is; PUK, argon and titanium.

If I didn't have the PUK I wouldn't have been able to make some of my best titanium pieces.

I bought my PUK2 in 2006, right at the time I opened my own workshop: www.josemarin.net.


At first, I used it in the creation of gold and platinum jewellery and in these three directions:


1.) Repairing delicate pieces with precious stones which cannot be subjected to fire, this allows me to intervene on the jewels without dismantling the stones.

2.) Pre-assembly of complex parts that I must later weld with a port of soldering and the aid of the torch.

3.) Creation of impossible pieces. For example, mounting a platinum band with diamonds passing over an emerald, this would be unthinkable by the traditional method of fire welding.


At present it is my great help for the creation of my pieces of titanium and Timascus, so far I have managed to do everything I set out to do.


I must admit that my PUK2 is a very old version, with limitations for silver and bronze, but otherwise it is a perfect machine and very resistant, in 14 years I have not had any breakdowns.

André Rasguljajew

Designer – Goldsmith
Kaufering, Germany

Working with the PUK is just a lot of fun!




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As my brother and me started our own business, the PUK 5 was our first purchase along with two workbenches. We both had very good experience with the PUK 2 and PUK 04 and therefore knew that this wonderful device would become indispensable for us.


The PUK can be summarized in one sentence: "easy to learn and hard to master". Anyone could tack weld and joint parts after a few minutes. But the incredibly diverse possible field of application arises over the time and growing experience. Due to the very well calibrated default settings that the PUK 5 comes with, you can take countless challenges directly. With the experience at what angle, from what side and with which setting the respective welds work best, the joints are getting cleaner.


We work with the welder every day and the results are impressive and yet we have the feeling that we have not yet exhausted the "PUK potential".

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Nuestra única intención es proporcionar ayuda a nuestros clientes mediante sencillas propuestas o ejemplos para trabajar de forma adecuada con el PUK, para que pueda beneficiarse de esta tecnología del modo más eficiente posible.


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