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- for the PUK 6 precision welder for jewellery makers



At Lampert, high-quality welding equipment also comes in an attractive design. No we have once again furnished evidence: the PUK 6, our innovative precision welder for goldsmiths and silversmiths, has been awarded the coveted iF DESIGN AWARD. This award acknowledges our efforts to combine function and design in what we do. Find out more about our high-quality devices, the PUK 6, our aspirations for high-precision welding equipment, and the iF DESIGN AWARD.



The PUK 6 for goldsmiths and silversmiths – a top-grade Lampert product

We at Lampert are constantly pursuing innovation. Our PUK 6 sets new standards for our precision welding units in terms of both its functions and its design. The device’s new design has a timeless appearance and truly stands out in any studio or workshop.


The display reinforces that impression: designed in unobtrusive grey and black, it is rounded off by touches of blue and red. The device can easily be operated with one hand by turning, tilting and pushing the control. The PUK 6 has been invented for performance and functionality, and it can handle even hard-to-weld alloys. Even customers without previous welding know-how can quickly achieve excellent results with the PUK 6. A stand-by function saves energy when the device is not being used. This welder will adorn any goldsmith’s workshop and perfectly meets the aesthetic standards of this industry. It well deserves to win the iF DESIGN AWARD.



The iF DESIGN AWARD for the PUK 6


Winning the iF DESIGN AWARD puts us on par with a long line of renowned winners that have been honoured with this award since 1954, which makes us indeed very proud. The design competition is organised once a year by iF (International Forum) Design in Hanover, Germany. Product designs have to meet strict criteria to win the award, and only excellent industrial designs make it onto the shortlist. Particular attention is paid to products that combine functions with appearance, which is why we decided to present the PUK 6 to the iF panel. The iF DESIGN AWARD also enjoys excellent reputation internationally. Find out more here





The Lampert company

Our claim - our passion

We are passionate about precision welding equipment. We provide an extensive range of products for use in different fields, such as gold and silversmithery, dental technology or various industrial uses. We design our products employing the same precision with which our welding units weld spots and seams. Find out more here.

PUK after PUK

Between the very first PUK 111 and the PUK 6, more than 20 years of constant innovation have gone by, during which we have continuously improved the device’s functions and design. The Lampert name and the PUK principle have become a synony for precision welding and top-class precision welding units. Find out more about the PUK success story here.



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Precision welding equipment for use in dental labs – alongside the PUK 6 for goldsmiths, Lampert also offers precision welding devices for use in dental labs: A highly versatile, compact micro-sized pulse welder. This device also features the tried-and-tested PUK principle. The touchscreen and rotary control make it simple and intuitive to operate on an everyday basis, and the PUK D5 looks good, too. Find out more here.

PUK U5 for industrial use

Our PUK U5 micro-sized pulse welder for industrial use – this TIG micro pulse welding device delivers superb performance in a variety of industrial situations requiring precision welding technology that goes beyond standard TIG welding levels. The PUK U5 stands out for its intuitive operation, sturdy design, impressive welding results even in extremely high-precision situations, low heat input, compact size and high resilience. Find out more here.

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